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IRPC is a loss prevention and risk management organization made up of multi-disciplinary teams of professionals. The Risk Engineering Team is composed of multi-disciplined experts including: Electro – Mechanical Engineers, Risk Control Engineers, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Plant.

We are endowed with in-depth knowledge and appropriate skills derived from wide range of experience in Commerce, Industry, Construction, Operations and Maintenance of different types of Oil & Gas Plants, Refineries & Petrochemical Plants, Power Plants, Breweries, Food & Beverage Plants, Construction Equipment & Machinery and a wide of Industrial and Manufacturing Assets.

The dedication and passion for performance of the professionals ensure efficient and cost-effective delivery of strategies and solutions. Exceeding clients’ expectations is always the goal, target and pride of IRPC.

IRPC undertakes the following services for companies in the Power, Oil & Gas and Maritime industries:

Using modern risk engineering techniques, we undertake thorough risk assessment survey of energy, power, oil & gas facilities, industrial plants, marine, land and airport infrastructures, telecoms & ICT assets, commercial properties, high rise buildings for hazard exposures identification, analytical evaluation and effective risk control recommendations. Perils covered include fire, explosion, lightning, flood, storm, earthquake, pollution, riots, impact etc. with credible determination of maximum loss potentials (EML and PML) using UVCE computer software where applicable. Read more

We deploy the right calibre of experts with appropriate engineering and valuation knowledge and experience gained from diverse portfolio of challenging previous projects to meet your needs.

Valuation of Hi-Tech assets in industrial Ventures ( Oil & Gas Exploration, Refining & Petrochemicals, Electric/Gas/Water utilities, telecommunications, Construction, Brewery/Distillery, Iron & Steel, marine, Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Food & Beverage Processing, Computers, Tyre/Rubber/Plastics Manufacture, Automobile Plants, Aviation etc.) for specific needs of insurance, Sale, Acquisition, Collateral for loans and other investment/financial purposes calls for accuracy, reliability and credibility. Read more

We deploy our team of core professionals with open and unprejudiced disposition. Whether for risk placement purposes with insurers and reinsurers or for stakeholders (Financial Institutions, Lenders, Equity Holders, Regulatory Agencies etc.) or for the owner’s loss prevention and risk control benefits, we identify risks and loss exposures which can frustrate, cripple, disrupt or inflict damage to projects, operations, assets, workforce and third parties for oil, gas, energy, marine, manufacturing, telecommunications, commercial and a wide range of business. We issue appropriate report(s) with cost-efficient loss prevention, mitigation and risk control recommendations to eliminate or minimize the impact of any occurrence of identified risks. Every company has its own unique hazards, threats and vulnerabilities. Read more

We conduct independent due diligence (technical, financial, legal, insurance or other types) to meet the specific instruction of clients, be it for investment, divestment, expansion, diversification or for other purposes.

Our team of specialists are experienced in snuffing out potential aspects of upside and downside features of the assets, operations and resources of the proposed transaction(s) in line with the specific needs of the client ensuring the overall integrity and reliability of the conclusions. Read more

– Occupational Health & Safety

– Loss Prevention & Loss Reduction

– Risk Management

– Process Safety Management

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