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Our training covers the following areas:

  • Risk Management
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Loss Prevention & Loss Reduction
  • Process Safety Management

Training Services

Risk Managment & Loss Prevention Training

Effective risk management and loss control training programs focused on client’s peculiar needs. Risk management is as much about people as it is about processes. Organizations often dedicate significant resources to developing leading risk management practices but fail to allocate sufficient resources to training as a means of raising awareness and embedding those risk management processes.

Training forms a critical component of an effective risk management framework, as it engages key personnel and provides them with the skills and confidence to contribute and add value to risk management within an organization.

IRPC Training Solutions

IRPC has developed extensive training materials and courses covering a number of specialist disciplines. Recent training solutions have incorporated:

Our training solution aims to develop knowledge, improve skills, challenge and adapt attitudes towards risk. Our approach helps embed not just risk management but raises the profile for an organisation’s strategy. We adopt a number of different training styles to suit individual client requirements. IRPC training is highly interactive, involving case studies, group exercises and role playing as a means of maximising learning and providing enjoyment to participants.

Our training professionals can develop bespoke courses to suit individual client requirements reflecting the culture, industry, people and risk management processes in place or desired.

The IRPC training team consists of professional trainers and risk experts, ensuring best practice risk management methodologies are incorporated within structured training materials and delivered in a style that enhances learning and develops skills.

For training bookings and enquires please email : sunday.onwunalu@irpc.com.ng