Valuation of Plant and Machinery Assets

//Valuation of Plant and Machinery Assets
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Valuation of Plant and Machinery Assets

We deploy the right calibre of experts with appropriate engineering knowledge and experience gained from diverse portfolio of challenging previous projects to meet your needs.

IRPC has conducted valuation of Hi-Tech assets in industrial ventures such as Oil & Gas Exploration, Refining & Petrochemicals, Electric/Gas/Water utilities, telecommunications, Construction, Brewery/Distillery, Iron & Steel, marine, Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Food & Beverage Processing, Computers, Tyre/Rubber/Plastics Manufacture, Automobile Plants, Aviation etc for specific needs of insurance, Sale, Acquisition, Collateral for loans and other investment/financial purposes calls for accuracy, reliability and credibility.

Our Valuation Services

Our Valuation Department undertakes professional valuation of plant, machinery, buildings, stocks etc. we pride ourselves on a practical, ethical and professional approach to all valuation issues. Our role is to operate in the best interests of our client, giving best advice, avoiding conflicts of interest and acting with integrity at all times.

We have the experience and expertise to provide valuations of a wide range of industrial and commercial assets for clients across the globe. IRPC is committed to excellence and nowhere is this better demonstrated than by the Professional Valuation Department, which offers a comprehensive range of support services that allied to profound local knowledge distinguishes us from the majority of our competitors.

Given the increasing need for organizations to effectively manage risk, maximize cash flow, and adhere to international financial reporting standards; it has become critical for management to understand the value of their assets, companies, and securities. IRPC’s Valuation Services Practice provides a full range of professional, independent valuation advisory services for corporations, private equity firms, hedge funds, and government entities worldwide across virtually every industry. Whether involved with a sale, acquisition, financial reporting, intellectual property (IP) transactions, litigation, or reviewing insurance coverage, organizations around the world rely on our practice for independent and thorough valuations.

  • Fairness and Solvency Opinions

  • Financial Reporting Valuations

  • Tax Valuations

  • Portfolio Valuations

  • Insurance Placement Valuations

  • Intellectual Property Valuation and Management

  • Litigation Support

  • Real Estate Valuation

  • Machinery and Equipment Valuation

  • Fresh Start Accounting

  • Financial Modeling

  • Feasibility Study

  • Transaction Valuation Advisory

  • Statutory Valuation Review

  • Other Services

We are a global international valuation advisory group with years of experience providing fairness and valuation opinions in support of transactions. We provide full-scale valuation advisory services covering equity, derivatives, intangible assets, machinery and equipment, real estate, contingent assets and liabilities and alternative investments.